Olympic canoeists on the tube

Part of the map
Part of the map

The London Underground Map has been reordered as part of London’s Olympic celebrations with stations renamed after legendary Olympic superstars.

Canoeists such as Birgit Fischer, Gert Fredriksson and Knut Holmann get stations to themselves. There doesn’t seem to be one for Tim Brabants, New Zealand’s Ian Ferguson (4 golds, one silver) and even Vladimir Parfenovich, the great Soviet (Belarussian) canoeist from the 1970s who won a mere 3 gold medals at one Olympic Games, does not get a look in either.

Oddly, South African runner Zola Budd, who never won an Olympic anything and is best known for being speeded through the application process for a British passport and then colliding with Mary Decker during the 1984 Olympic 3000m final, gets her own station. Appropriately enough, it’s on the line to Richmond, home to a great many South African canoeists.

These things are always controversial, admit the two men behind the redesign.

Alex Trickett, a sports journalist and editor for the BBC Sport website, and David Brooks, a sports historian, journalist and author, acknowledge: “There were heated debates and a few late changes of heart, but we are happy with the result: dozens of nations represented, all 2012 Olympic sports accounted for. These things always divide opinion, so we are happy to discuss (and defend!) any of our choices @alextrickett.”

Details of how to order the map can be found here.