A logo for the 150th anniversary

A logo for the 150th anniversary

The 150th anniversary year is an excellent opportunity for the club to celebrate its success, raise its profile and to continue making history.

To get the ball rolling, the committee turned to resident designer Suki Hubbard, who delivered the outstanding logo you see at the top of this newsletter.

So how do you go about designing a new logo? Suki explains: “To get concepts on paper, I took inspiration from a variety of directions starting with research into the club’s history and the Thames. I studied the evolution of kayak and paddles from MacGregor’s era to present day.”

These ideas can be seen in some of the many sketches below.

After much work Suki settled on her final idea. “I kept coming back to the concept of movement,” she says. “By using paddles in the new logo, it linked visually to the existing RCC logo so I settled on that but to emphasise the passing of 150 years, I changed one end of the shaft, to a Macgregor shaped blade. There are shadowed paddles to balance the logo and instil the feeling of movement.”

Own a piece of history

Anniversary T-shirts, featuring the logo, are now in production and will be on sale for members and friends of the club soon.

Suki has also produced a sketch of the clubhouse, which will be available as a limited edition giclee art print (12” x 8”) for £35. Only ten will be printed and Jon Boyton already has the first one, having won it in the raffle.
Proceeds from the T-shirts and art prints will go towards the club’s fundraising targets.

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