New website under construction

New website under construction

If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you may have notice a radically different look to the homepage. You may also have noticed that all the other pages are far from perfect. We’re in the process of giving the whole site a makeover, so you’ll have to bear with us.

So how will the new site be different?

Bolder, cleaner appearance

The first thing you notice is how the site looks. We’ve completely overhauled the look of the site, with a bolder and cleaner look. We’ve installed a new theme throughout the whole site, but only the homepage is yet to feel the full effects of this. The rest of pages on the site will get a full makeover in the coming weeks.

We are also going to include a lot more photos of the clubhouse, of our members and of our events. These are the things that define us and we want to show them off.

Fresh content

Our website will tell you almost all you need to know about the club – or at least enough to get you down for a taster session, course or event.

With that in mind, we’ll be refreshing the content on the site so that you have a good idea about what it is we actually get up to every week night and weekend!

Reviving the blog

The blog is a popular feature and it keeps people from all over the world coming back to the website for more. It’s fallen into disrepair recently, but we now be making an effort to make regular posts (like this one), even if it’s just for very quick updates.

Blog posts will tend to focus on news and events at the club, and relating to club members. Every now and then, we may also comment on canoeing news from far afield.

Any thoughts?

Hopefully the website refresh won’t take too long. If you’ve got any thoughts about what we absolutely have to include on the site, then drop Ben an email.

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