Awards Night 2017

It’s been over a week since the Awards Night and the shock of some of the awards are still sinking in; you know the ones I’m talking about.

Each year at the end of the season and after the first couple of Hare and Hounds races, Royal gathers to hand out some shiny-sparkly goods to those who deserve to have their name scratched in to them (the award, not the paddler). At the same time we like to poke fun at some of the more outstanding under-accomplishments that are best left forgotten, however they can also serve as an educational feature to teach others what not to do…

So, the actual awards, they split tidily into two categories. The first being ‘race awards’ that you, as a paddler can target and claim by attending races. The second category being by nomination and vote.

Race awards are all awarded to a boy and girl in each age group (except senior which is non-gendered) which are the following;

  • Under 12 (boy and girl)
  • 12-14 (boy and girl)
  • 14-16 (boy and girl)
  • 16-18 (boy and girl)

George Richardson Cup
Senior Paddler (there can be only one)

The criteria for winning one of the above is quite simple; your age on the first of January allots you into an age group, gender defines if you can claim the boys or girls award. Then finally the number of points claimed for Royal on your behalf at all regional Hasler races (including final if we make it), Pangbourne Hasler and the McGreggor Sprint Inter-Club regatta are totalled up and determine a winner. This is not weighted for division, so 18 points in division 9 count just as much as gaining 18 points in division 1. The same pointing system that is used for Haslers is then applied to the Sprint Regatta to work out points awarded there.

Finally the George Richardson Cup is awarded to the most improved time from the end of one Hare and Hounds season to the beginning of the next season. So to be in with a chance of winning, there are two more Hare and Hounds left…

The nomination and vote category of awards are possibly our most prestigious awards. They are not just for racing. They are for whoever embodies club spirit and apply themselves.

  • Cadet of the Year
  • Paddlers Paddler

The Cadet (Junior) of the Year is nominated and voted for by the coaches. The Paddlers Paddler is usually nominated and voted for on the night of the awards. It can go to anyone, for anything that deserves a nod of appreciation.


Under 12
Boys: Erin Redjeb Girls: Edi King

Boys: Michael Motha Girls: Elleanor Pullen

Boys: Tom Hubbard Girls: Ellen Slack

Boys: Rosko Mishev Girls: Renee Myburgh

George Richardson Cup
Jack Carter

Senior Paddler – (commodore) Jon Boyton
Cadet of the Year – Harry Lear
Paddlers Paddler – Louis Hanchett

The Gaff Awards celebrate what might be best wanted forgotten. Those things that happen which result in hmmm but deserve a good laugh at a few months later. Categories can change year on year, and even made up. However a few categories return every year;

  • Boat damage award (formerly the Michael Jackson nose job award) – most amount of damage or numerous damages by an individual.
  • Jeremy Clarkson driving award – Most reckless driving on the water. Been a bit kamikaze in a race? Thought power would overcome skill? “Sure we can shoot that weir” *crunch* – this award is for you.
  • Swimmy Jimmy of the year – if you’re over 18 or accompanied by a parent/guardian we can explain the full name of this award, but essentially this is for the most spectacular swim.
  • Manliest Man – this is awarded to the person who makes you want to affirmidly nod in their direction with approval and raise a beer in their honour. Yes women can be manly as well.

The Gaff awards each have a story behind every nomination and will take far too long to write out, so I am going to make the executive decision to say; be there or miss out. A good excuse to attend next year. Until then, keep your eyes peeled, you’ll never know when you catch something worthy of a nomination…

– Philip Carter, Royal Harbour Master