Outrigger canoeing at Royal

We have a vibrant outrigger team at Royal Canoe Club. They train regularly and travel around the world, taking part in competitions around the world. Outrigger is a highly competitive sport and great fun. If you’ve ever seen the opening credits of the old Hawaii Five-O series, you may have an approximate idea what our sport is like.

If you’re interested in competing or training in outrigger at Royal, please get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch and always happy to welcome new members. 

The club is doing the Na Wahine O Ke Kai Race in September 2013 in Hawaii so there’s been a great deal of change-over practice going on (where paddlers bob up and down in the water waiting for the boat to come to them – but don’t worry, we don’t do that in the depths of winter!).

Check out some of the club’s stellar progress recently – including a big win in Toulon, France

If you want to see an epic start to a 40 mile race take a look at this video this year’s event – it took place in September (check out the surf and the multiple capsizes!):

 (And have a look at this picture gallery on us at KanuCulture.com)