Get involved

You are very welcome at Royal Canoe Club!

Whatever type of canoeing you practice, a warm welcome awaits you at Royal. If you have any questions about membership, or would like a taster session, just send an email to

How the fees work

If you decide to join then there are 2 fees that need to be paid.

  1. A TWC (Teddington Watersports Centre) fee is paid yearly for use of the site, which is used by 4 separate clubs.
  2. Royal Canoe Club membership, which covers equipment and junior coaching.

Junior members

The annual TWC fee for juniors is £135.

Junior fees are £30 per month due on the 1st of each month.

Depending on ability, juniors will be assigned to a training group with access to a minimum of 4 sessions per week.

Parents of junior members

We encourage at least one parent of junior members to be a friend of the club (£40) or a full member (£310).

Find more details for junior members in our Junior Overview information sheet.

Friends of the club receive:

  • Access to the clubhouse where Tea, Coffee and Cake is served on a Saturday, and Dinner is served on a Wednesday.
  • An invitation to all club socials
  • Information on upcoming races and events
  • Access to the parents WhatsApp group

Full members also receive

  • Access to all club equipment
  • Gym membership
  • 2 free learn to paddle sessions, at a suitable time

Adult members

Adults pay TWC to cover the costs of the site*:

  • Family Membership is £495 (based on 2 adults and children under 18)
  • Senior Membership is £195
  • Student membership £160
  • Outport £135 (if you live more than 50 miles away and have only occasional use of the premises)
  • Social Membership is £40

*Social membership does not require you to pay TWC costs.

In addition, membership for the canoe club is £50 per year for individual members who own their own boat and £115 for those that do not.

Membership is payable on 1st April each year. Members joining after April pay on a pro rata basis.

Racking of boats

Racking is available for private boats, but there may be a waiting a list. Certain types of boat are harder to rack and space may be limited. For further information connect with Janet Evans on 020 8390 4675 – please inquire regarding racking, with costs depending on whether boats are inside, outside, K1, K2 or Canadian.

Racking costs £65.00 to store a K1.


Download the appropriate application form. Complete and return as per details provided in the form.

TWC application form

RCC Senior Member application form

RCC Junior Member application form