The Royal Academy launched for juniors in September 2017, providing high-quality coaching and training for junior paddlers to progress through the ranks.

Ability Groups

A = Abraham: Advanced – typically handicap <20

B = Brabants: Intermediate – typically handicap 20-35

C = Carrington: Improver – typically handicap >35

W = Walker: Beginners – all new junior paddlers MUST have attended and graduated from this four week course.

The programme 

Royal academy training schedule_September 2017


The time stated above is the time at which the training session starts. Children should arrive 15 minutes before this time to get changed and ready.

Non-club training/coaching 

The sessions outlined above are the only formal club coaching/training sessions. Any other sessions are by private arrangement only and are not covered by the club’s governance.

Coach Allocation 

The ‘Lead Coach’ is responsible for the session, though may have other coaches helping.  Allocation to groups Paddlers will be allocated to a group by the coaches. The principal criteria is their ‘handicap’. This is published on the club noticeboard and refers to their speed on time trials.

Group Names 

Attila Abraham – one of Hungary’s most successful kayak racers, winning Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze. And conveniently having a name with the first letter ‘A’.

Tim Brabants – Great Britain’s first Olympic Gold medallist in kayak racing – and member of Royal Canoe Club. Luckily his name begins with a ‘B’.

Lisa Carrington – New Zealand’s most successful female kayak racer, with the running total standing at two Olympic Gold medals and five World Championship Gold medals. She probably doesn’t realise how important the first letter of her surname is.

Jess Walker – From starting at Royal Canoe Club at the age of 11, Jess is now a three time Olympian, twice making finals as well as winning junior world and senior European championship medals. We don’t care what her surname starts with!