We don’t just want to start canoeing, we want you to love canoeing. For many that comes with paddling with others and with progressing through the ranks. To help you do so, we offer a range of sessions that cater for all abilities.


Beginners: Wednesday (5pm) and Saturday (9am)

Level: Beginners 

Coaches: Sue and Terry

Developers: Wednesday (5pm) and Saturday (TBC)

Level: Lightnings (Division 10)

Coaches:Tony Ruff and Laura Ruff

Cadets: Wednesday (5pm) and Saturday (TBC)

Level: Divisions 9 to 8

Coach: Nicole Williams

Progressors: Wednesday and Saturday, possibly more

Level: Divisions 8 to 6

Coach: Ian Blackman

Advanced: Every day, except Friday

Level: Divisions 6 to 3 

Coaches: Trevor Wetherall and Phil Carter




Newcomers are very welcome at the club and we offer taster sessions, as well as full courses. Courses are led by British Canoeing-certified coaches and will teach you how to a range of strokes, as well how to paddle forwards efficiently. By the end of the course, you should be able to paddle a kayak confidently and be able to take a boat out without supervision.

Beyond the courses, ad hoc sessions can be arranged for those that want to paddle socially and continue improving their technique.

Level: Beginners, Divisions 9 to 7

Coaches: Bob Powell, Stephen Crehan and Peter Stratford

Sessions: TBC


The intermediate group is focussed on racing, and trains with the advanced junior group. Sessions tend to consist of structured intervals and are coached from a motorboat. This group also does regular timetrials and gym sessions.

Level: Divisions 6 to 3

Coaches: Trevor Wetherall and Phil Carter 


The advanced group is uncoached and sessions are led by the paddlers. As such, organisation can be more ad hoc than the coached intermediate group.

Level: Divisions 4 to 1 

Contact: Rob BeerBen Parfitt and Tim Humphries


As a British Canoeing ‘Performance Hub’, the a key training base for many of our country’s top athletes. The elite squads are targeting the Olympic Games, World Championship, European Championship and World Cup events. They train at the club most days.

Level: Divisions 2 to 1

Contact: Jon Boyton