Who’s Who at Royal

Commodore:Tim Humphries
Vice-Commodore:Gemma Browne
Captain:Tris Turner
Junior Captain: Bea Clark
Vice-Captain:Tom Hubbard
Secretary:Linda Clark
Treasurer:Jackie Williams
Membership Secretary:Jackie Wynn
Harbour Master:Stephen Crehan
Head Coach:Beata Fabinska
Coaching Coordinator:James Clark
Coaches and Instructors:Nicole Williams, Mark Clive, Philip Carter, Natalie Day, Gemma Brown, Jonathon Boyton, Sue Bovington, Terry Putnam, Tim Humphries, Stephen Crehan, Peter Stratford, Lewis Kirton, Bob Powel, Tony Ruff and Rob McCarthy.
Welfare Officers:Sue Bovington,
Kathy Ruff

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Details of our child protection officers and others can be found on our child protection information page.